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The R.E.A.L.® 101 Turntable

(Tonearm not supplied)

A New Approach A New Standard

“The Suspended Plinth “

The most dramatic improvement in turntable design in 30 years! The patented R.ubber E.lastomer A.coustic L.aminate controls self generation and external energies to a degree never before accomplished.

The result is a dramatic elevation in the resolution and music realism of all past non-suspended designs.

  • Energy management design
  • Rubber Elastomer Acoustic Laminate
  • Elastomer suspended MDS impregnated oil well bearing
  • ¾ inch polished stainless steel spindle
  • Inverted adjustable hemispheric feet
  • Acoustic Isolation Valleys
  • Elastomer suspended azimuth adjustable tonearm mounting platform
  • Bakelite resin composite platter
  • Rubber cork compound mat
  • Strobe disk
  • Elastomer suspended synchronous motor with MU shielding
  • Ground plane plinth
  • Outboard Microprocessor Motor Drive 33-45 RPM
  • Optional periphery clamping ring and center weight